Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Launch Date: June 6th, 2022

Dove Valley Park in Centennial, Colorado was the site for another launch made by a trio of Colorado Front Range rocketeers; Mike Goss, Dave Bauer, and Brock Wood.

The weather conditions for this outing consisted of temperatures in the low to mid 70s and a slight amount of wind.

Here are pics and highlights:

Dave Bauer's Photon Disruptor flying on a C6-5 Motor.

Mike Goss flew a Crossbow SST

Brock Wood shown here prepping his 'Frankenrocket' cluster bird for flight.


A perfect straight-up flight for the Frankenrocket !

Dave Bauer's Quest X-15 flying on a C6-5.

Mike's Mini Fat Boy - Nice flight and recovery on A10 power.

Who is that masked man????
Brock Wood displaying his 'Salvage Loader' model.

Dave Bauer's Titan III E scale model. 

Great flight on a 'Mighty D' engine !

An on-field conference.  Left: Dave Bauer, Right: Mike Goss, Hiding behind Mike: Brock Wood

Dave's 'Sirius Interrogator' awaiting flight on a B4 motor.

Dave's custom Mercury Lander.  The model features model railroad corrugation
and decals from a Spaceship One kit.

Mike Goss flew two other models not pictured here - an Art Applewhite Qubit (A10-PT), and a homemade CD spool rocket powered by a C6-0 motor.

Unfortunately, several other members of our Colorado group were unable to attend this launch for various reasons.

Yours Truly Blogger had to sit this one out as well. I had contracted a particularly spirited round of Bronchitis over the weekend.  So, instead of launching rockets, I was gazing wistfully out the window, sipping hot ginger/lemon/honey tea, and pounding down the meds!


  1. I gotta wander down off the mountain and launch some rockets with you folks. Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting these photo's.

  2. Hi, John,
    We would be pleased to have you join our little group! It's very informal and fun.
    Are you a member of TRF or YORF?
    If so, please PM me through one of those sites and I can get you set up on my launch-notification email list.
    I am Milehigh on TRF and Blastfromthepast on YORF

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Do you have to get a permit in order to shoot a toy rocket off at this Dove Valley Regional Park? Thank you!

  4. Hi,
    No permits are required to fly hobby model rockets. Operating model rockets is permitted at Dove Valley Park. The only Parks Department stipulation is that the activity does not adversely interfere with other users of the park. Flying on days when there are no soccer games in progress is best.
    I strongly urge that anyone one flying model rockets at the park strictly adhere to the NAR safety code. Copies of the code are included with every model rocket kit and package of engines.
    Be responsible, safe, and have fun !!
    Thank you for asking.